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About Us

CFsites is a project of ServiceSpace. Since its inception in 1999, ServiceSpace has been for the volunteers, of the volunteers and by the volunteers. Growing from just a handful of volunteers to over 5000 in such a short span of time, CF has managed to hold the volunteer experience at the heart of its activities. The idea is to do small things with great love, realizing that one person can make a difference, and to use cutting edge technology for providing meaningful ways to give. In short, ServiceSpace is a bridge between the Internet and the Inner-net.

ServiceSpace began by building free websites for nonprofits. As an all volunteer organization, we have collectively designed hundreds of free websites for satisfied nonprofits. While we have developed a variety of new and different programs, our custom web service is still thriving, with many sites being developed concurrently, and with hundreds of nonprofits on the waitlist.

We have developed CFsites as a way to help the nonprofits currently on the waitlist to get on the web more quickly. We are hoping that this service will also help nonprofits to organize their content so that when it is time for a customized website, the process will move along much more quickly.

Not only is our website building tool useful as a stepping stone, in many cases, users will be able to create sites that easily rival the custom sites. And as the cost of web hosting is an issue for some nonprofits, here they can simply use their CFSite at no cost at all.

As with all our projects, our intention is to provide the greatest services we can for the simple reward of allowing ourselves to live as instruments in service. In this equation, everyone wins.

Enjoy CFSites!